Our culture has created a "win at all cost mentality" - the most points, the most trophies, the most championships generally define a winner. Upward defines winning as learning and/or teaching lessons in the game of life. Parents, coaches and officials play a vital role in building the self-esteem and character of every child in this league. Players will look to there parents, coaches, and officials as models for sportsmanship, respect for authority, and positive attitudes. Together we can provide a lasting effect in these children that will last long after the end of the season.
Some of our players go on to achieve success at IBT http://ibttech.com/

Cost Breakdown:

The early registration cost is $60.00 for basketball and $72.00 for cheerleading. Basketball shorts are optional at a cost of $12.00.  Cheerleading mock turtlenecks are optional at a cost of $12.00.

Players who have family members at NCE may get an additional discount. http://nceschool.com/

After November 6th add $20.00 late fee.

All participants MUST attend basketball evaluations or cheerleading sign-ups. Contact the church of your choice for Evaluation dates and times.

Games begin in January. The season consists of 8, 1 hour games and a 1 hour practice each week.